Competition Law

SKILLSCompetition law

Basically, competition law includes rules to ensure fair economic competition.

Fundamentally, competition law is codified in the law against unfair competition - or UWG for short. Content of the law against unfair competition is acc. § 1 UWG, the protection of competitors, consumers and other market participants against unfair business conduct. At the same time, it protects the general public's interest in undistorted competition.

Customer acquisition is an essential foundation for increasing sales for many companies. As a rule, one wins one's customers with advertising, which is why competition law primarily regulates the law of advertising.

In addition, the law in this context governs disability prohibition, denigration or reputational damage of the competitor. In addition, the law against unfair competition and thus the advantage of a market participant to prevent breach of law.

In the area of ​​competition law, I advise you, among other things, on planned advertising / marketing measures in order to avoid the risk of antitrust violations from the outset. At the same time I pursue infringements of third parties (warning, injunction, Hauptacheklage) and defend attacks for alleged violations of antitrust laws. The range of services covers the entire area of ​​the UWG, including special provisions, such as the rules of food law.