Industrial Property Rights

SKILLSIndustrial Property Rights

The term „industrial property rights“ covers various areas of law that deal with the intellectual property or intellectual performance of businesses. Often this field is also described as Intel-lectual Property Law – in short IP-Law.

The comprehensive field of „industrial property rights“ allows inventors and designers to protect intellectual property – not physical goods – such as ideas, processes and forms. In the field of industrial property rights and related legal matters, I offer you legal advice, in particular in questions of trademark law, competition law, licensing law, internet / domain law as well as in special matters such as food law.

Copyright is a field of law related to intellectual property. However, copyright is concerned with the protection of personal intellectual creations, so that it is primarily located in the artistic, rather than in the commercial sector.

Looking at the dynamics of globalizing markets, it soon becomes apparent how significant intellectual property and the creative potential available for business success is. I advise and represent German and international private individuals and companies in all sectors in transactions, day-to-day business and the enforcement of their rights. Of course, my work always takes into account the economic aspects.