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For many reasons, investment in real estate is very popular. The real estate market is very attractive and the interest rates for home acquisition loans have been at a relatively low level for many years, making both institutional investors and private individuals extremely active in this area. Here are different goals in the foreground, be it as an attractive investment or to fulfill the personal dream home. Regardless of which approach you pursue, expert advice from a real estate lawyer is often the basis for a successful real estate business. For both sellers and buyers, whether at a professional or private level, there are a large number of legal requirements to be observed. As part of my work as Legal Counsel for a leading international real estate company, I have specialized in the areas of real estate purchase and sale as well as real estate financing and property development consulting. Due to my extensive experience abroad, I support you in this area not only nationally, but internationally in the acquisition, sale, construction or financing of your property. Furthermore, I like to advise you in all matters of commercial and private leases. I support you in drafting the relevant contracts, in negotiations and in court. In addition, I have close contacts to a renowned notary to handle all notarial matters smoothly.