Trademark Law

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A trademark is more than simply a sign which identifies the origin of a product or a service. It can constitute the economic success of a company and should therefore be always of central importance. But when are goods or services considered to be protected by trademark law? Do you need to register trademark rights? What are the requirements for such an application? And how can you counter a violation in trademark law? As your legal advisor, I will gladly assist you in answering these questions. We will help you with the development and implementation of a brand strategy. This starts with the research of third-party brands and company symbols to avoid trademark disputes, followed by the corresponding national and international trademark registration and the successive defense of your trademark rights. We represent you in trademark disputes and infringement litigations in German courts, the German Patent and Trademark Office, the German Federal Patent Court, the European Court of Justice, at the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market in Alicante as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva. A topic with continuously growing importance is the fight against product piracy and the import of grey market products. In collaboration with customs, we will take over the necessary supervision of the import of goods.